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What do I need to buy?
Not anywhere near what you'd be expecting! Outside of appropriate clothing for class (including tap shoes for some more advanced Music Theatre courses), the only requests for extras are optional textbooks, and for productions we may recommend items of clothing and/or props - but never anything that can't be made at home or found in an op shop or supermarket.

Dress code for class:
• Black or white t-shirt, or any shirt from the ASOT Merch range "Approved Classwear" category
• Black or white shorts, pants, or leggings, or any bottoms from the ASOT Merch range "Approved Classwear" category
• Closed-toed, soft-soled shoes
• Hair tied up and off the face
• No bulky jewellery/accessories
What safety measures are in place?
We treat the safety and wellbeing of your child as our primary concern. All ASOT faculty are thoroughly vetted, and hold a current Australian Government Working With Children Card. Additionally, CCTV cameras with audio capabilities are installed in all ASOT facilities for added peace of mind.
What are my responsibilities on campus?
To protect the safety of all students, parents/guardians, and faculty, strict guidelines must be followed at the commencement and completion of all classes:
• Students must not be dropped off or collected more than 10 minutes either side of class without prior arrangement with ASOT.
• Students in JNR classes or with developmental needs must be accompanied into the facility and remain accompanied until called into their allotted studio.
• Students in SNR classes may enter unaccompanied, however, if the student's behaviour or developmental status contraindicates, we reserve the right to require the student to be accompanied. SNR students are expected to role model appropriate behaviour for JNR students, and our behavioural expectations are upheld to a high standard.
• Parking at ASOT facilities must be used appropriately. Unless a kiss & ride is signposted, any person dropping off or collecting a student must park in a marked bay. Perth Eastern Campus: No standing is permitted in the thru-lanes running from Rudloc Rd through the carpark. Penalties may apply in cases of misuse.
If your child's teacher has concerns about behavioural or developmental issues, you may be required to attend a conference with ASOT faculty to discuss the most suitable course of action to support your child's education. Failure to reasonably attend may result in suspension, or in prolonged cases, expulsion. A video conference can be arranged if necessary, however, it is preferable for you to attend the campus where your child learns for this discussion.
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